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Sand And Gravel

There are basically two kinds of sands available in the market such as Cushion Sand and Washed Concrete Sand.

  • Cushion Sand is unscreened sand which is picked up from the river banks or ocean banks and it can be used for landscape purposes to mix with bedding soil or to mix with concrete for masonry purposes. This sand is fine and unclean which cannot be used for playgrounds or sand boxes where kids play. This material is cheap in price.
  • Washed Concrete Sand is little coarse and clean sand and is used for sand boxes and playgrounds surfacing. This sand does not have any impurities as it goes through cleaning and screening process to take out dirt, metal, rocks, and other impurities. This material costs little more in price.

Pea Gravel and River Rock

Pea Gravel and River Rock both are from pebble family and found near river or ocean banks. People from pit pick up these pebble stones, wash them, and screen from different sizes of screens.

  • Pea Gravel is screened from ¾" screen. This product is ¾" or less in size with smooth surface and natural color. Many people want to use this product on their playgrounds as surfacing. This product is acceptable as playground surfacing according to ASTM Standards. The only disadvantage of this material is weight. It weights almost three times of Engineered Wood Fiber (Kids Play Mulch). It costs more in transportation. Although, this product costs more than wood chips, it is more durable and lasts longer than wood chips.
  • River Rock is same as Pea Gravel but larger in size such as 1" and more. This product is used for landscape purposes and masonry purposes. It is up to customer how they want to use this product. Considering the larger size, this product is not recommended for playground surfacing.

Naturomulch, LLC supplies these products at reasonable prices. We also provide transportation, and installation services. Please give us a call at 214-227-2212 for your requirements. We will be glad to answer your questions if any. We also provide a no cost inspection and measurement of your playground or landscape where you are willing to use this product.