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Kids Play Mulch

Playground mulch has several different names many people call Kiddy Cushion, Kiddie Cushion, Kiddy Carpet, Kids Carpet, Engineered Wood Fiber, Playground Surfacing, Wood Chips, and many more. Naturomulch, LLC has named playground mulch as Kids Play Mulch. Playground Mulch or Engineered Wood Fiber or Kids Play Mulch is basically a wood chip manufactured to meet IPEMA (International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association) specifications for Playground Surfacing. Naturomulch, LLC uses Playground Mulch or Engineered Wood Fiber or Kids Play Mulch or Kiddy Cushion, or Kids Carpet, from the vendors who are member of IPEMA. Although, playground mulchhas several different names, the product is only one that can be called in simple language as wood chips. Playground mulch is best product to use as surface material on the playgrounds to prevent injuries to kids while playing. It is recommended to have at least 6 to 9 inch layer around any play equipment in State of Texas.

Naturomulch, LLC deals with playground mulch (Kids Play Mulch) delivery and installation services at reasonable prices. Any playground mulch that is wood based can be manufactured using any soft or hardwood. Playground mulch must be from a virgin wood source and must prove to be non-toxic. Playground Mulch may not contain any recycled wood products or any wood containing chemicals or additives.Playground mulch has minimal bark and it is free of twigs, leaf debris and other impurities. Playground mulch is tested to make sure if it complies with ASTM Standards such as F1292 for impact absorption, F2075 for material purity, and F1951 for wheelchair access. In addition, IPEMA has its own standards to test playground mulch or engineered wood fiber.

Naturomulch, LLC provides playground mulch or engineered wood fiber all over Texas. We deal with Schools, Colleges, Churches, Daycares, Cities, and Counties all around the State of Texas. We provide both residential and commercial services. Please give us a call at 214-227-2212 and we will be glad to perform a free inspection of your playground and provide an expert no cost advice.

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